Lazydays removes the obstacles from importing an RV into Canada

Each year, more than a quarter million RVers venture to Lazydays in pursuit of their dream. They come from far and wide to buy their RV here, so we welcome many guests from Canada. RV dreams know no borders and so we have French-speaking expert sales consultants to help make the process smoother for our French-speaking visitors from Canada. RV requirements for crossing the border must also be considered, since Canadian motorhomes have certain stipulations that must be met to be compliant with laws in Canada. For example, before importing an RV into Canada, it must pass the recall clearance. To ensure smooth sailing, we check for any open recalls that may exist for the RV being purchased and make sure everything is fixed properly before you leave.

The experts at Lazydays are well aware of the requirements for Canadian motorhomes and handle all of the appropriate paperwork as well. We’ve streamlined the process for Canadian motorhome owners who are importing an RV into Canada that has been purchased at Lazydays. As a Canadian, you can have peace of mind as you head back home. RV paperwork is sent from Lazydays directly to the border you select at least 72 hours before your anticipated arrival time. At Lazydays, we’re here to help fulfill your dreams and be there for you along your RVing journey. Explore our inventory to find the RV that’s right for your next adventure.



  • RV paperwork is sent from Lazydays directly to the border
  • French-speaking sales associates
  • Check for any open recalls
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