• The Clubhouse

    Our favorite part about the Crown Club is the amenities. There’s tea while we’re waiting. There’s a pool, a beautiful pool. Restaurant and bar that are wonderful.

    Daniel Pearson & Jessica Bongiorno

    Purchase a Crown Club qualifying luxury coach from Lazydays, and you gain instant membership at no additional cost. In fact, all of the perks that come with your Crown Club membership are complimentary.

    Daniel Pearson & Jessica Bongiorno

    The staff was very friendly. The Florizona Grille was EXCELLENT! We really enjoyed our dinner! The service was great and the food was delicious! We will return!

    John Neiswanger
  • Customer Service & Education

    The education classes are wonderful. I was so scared to death to drive, and now I feel so good. I feel so confident in driving the RV. They even put out these dots that really help me learn how to drive. Without those dots, I’d be terrified. Those dots will save me and build my confidence.

    The Heath Family

    The service is unbelievable. A lot of catering to our needs. There’s always somebody to help with everything we do. I mean there’s even someone here to make copies for us, if we need it.

    The Heath Family
  • Motor Coach Service

    When you’re impatiently waiting on your RV to be fixed it’s very nice to have drinks without having to open up your wallet. And it’s very convenient not having to worry about how much it’s all going to cost because it’s all complimentary. It’s simply wonderful.

    The Heath Family

    When we have service done, they set our RV on a site. So it’s here, it’s parked. And they’re able to work on it while we’re able to stay in it. You can’t beat the service.

    Dave Taylor

    The service has made this the easiest RV purchase experience we’ve ever had. When you’re making an RV purchase this big, you expect there to be this and that — a lot headaches. But it’s been very easy.

    Daniel Pearson & Jessica Bongiorno
  • The Camping Grounds

    I come here all the time. I bring my friends here all of the time. We camp out here. It’s like having a home base instead of a home house. And they do all the cooking and cleaning, and they clean the pool.

    Nancy Spann

    We have a lot of remodeling done on our house. And when we do, we come down here to stay at the Crown Club.

    Judy Gaines & Family

    We have our dogs with us. And the dog park is just an extremely nice touch.

    Daniel Pearson & Jessica Bongiorno

    Your Front Porch food service is unique. Meal ticket included with camping fees and the chance to "upgrade" the meal with very little cost. I would think most travelers would appreciate this.

    Ann Faalogo

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