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New Member Level New Customers Lazydays Gift Cards Friends & Family Rally*
Referral 0 $10 for each qualified referral who reveives a sales quote
  • Complimentary attendance at a Friends & Family Rally
  • Associate
  • Charter
  • Founder
  • Lifetime
  • 1-3
  • 4-6
  • 7-9
  • 10+
$100 for each qualified referral who becomes a new Lazydays customer.
  • Complimentary attendance at a Friends & Family Rally
  • Raffle Tickets to win Cash Prizes
  • Level-specific thank you gift(s)
  • Private Recognition Dinner (New Lifetime Member)
*Rally Rewards are presented at Lazydays Friends & Family Rallies

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Refer a Friend FAQs

Who can join?

Any individual (or couple) who provides Lazydays with a new, qualified referral can join.

Why should I join?

Mostly because you love RVing, feel at home with Lazydays, and know that your friends and family will, too. The recognition, rewards and fun events are nice, too!

How do I join?

It's easy-everyone who purchases an RV from Lazydays is automatically enrolled. Anyone can submit referrals online through the form on this page or by calling our Friends & Family Program Coordinator at 888-718-1029.

Is there a time limit to the program?

Lazydays will be honored to consider you family for life. Although referrals are valid for one year, the program is here to stay.

Who can take part in a Friends & Family Rally?

You'll be invited to the next scheduled rally after we receive your qualified referral(s). If you continue to refer new customers, you'll continue receiving invitations, and there's no limit to how many you may attend.

When should I make reservations to a rally?

Reservations may only be made after you receive your rally invitation. Since rallies are very popular and space is limited, we do recommend that you make your reservation as soon as you receive your invitation.

Can two people refer the same individual or couple to LazyDays?

If two people refer the same person or couple, only the first referral submitted receives a Friends & Family award credit.

When should I submit a referral?

Submit the referral before your friend or family member visits Lazydays for the first time. Your referral must be submitted before a quote is issued by a Lazydays Personal Sales Consultant, and before their RV purchase date.

Who is considered a "qualified referral"?

Any individual (or couple) who is new to Lazydays and receives a sales quote from a Lazydays Personal Sales Consultant after your referral is submitted. Prior qualified referrals, prior sales prospects, and prior Lazydays customers are not eligible.

How long are referrals good for?

They are good for one year.